First Day Back At Uni!

Lecture notepad at the ready. Pencil case jammed full of free pens from Freshers Week. Waking up extra early to polish my face with makeup and style my outfit to perfection. This was the first day back in lectures, after a long relaxing summer away from studies!

I didn’t have the luxury yesterday of crawling out of bed to get ready twenty minutes before the lecture started – commuting meant my preparation for the first day back started way earlier than most people’s! I woke up a full four hours before my 12pm lecture, as I needed to ensure I was not late to catch the right bus! After what felt like hours of deliberation, and the dilemma of whether or not to brave a skirt or go in the traditional student hoodie and comfy jeans combination, I decided to opt for the former and wear my Scottish inspired skirt and a snug but stylish jumper!

Makeup has never been high on my priority list, but I made sure I had left myself enough time to apply some subtle eyeshadow, lipstick and my best mascara, as I wanted to maximise effort for all parts of my look yesterday. In fact, I almost left too little time as I heard my father call to hurry me down the stairs at 9:45, just five minutes before the bus was due to arrive! 

This is Lincolnshire however, and despite successfully arriving at the station with time to spare, the bus was still twenty pain-stakingly long minutes late – I even began to fear that the bus would seal my fate and doom me to an embarrassing late ‘walk of shame’ into a lecture room crammed full of three hundred students and one eagle-eyed lecturer!

Luckily the bus journey was incredibly smooth and barely made any stops, so I arrived with loads of time to spare. I found my friends and we located our usual lecture room spot (for all you first years reading this, over the course of lectures you naturally inhabit a spot in the lecture room and keep it for the remainder of your time at university). Soon after 12pm my first lecture on Developmental Psychology began, and alas so had my time as a not so naive and more confident second year student.

Both lectures I had yesterday were incredibly interesting, fascinating and eye-opening, and fed my appetite for studying Psychology further. I am glad my course gives me an opportunity to learn about many aspects of the subject including mental health, how people behave socially and development in children, and it has reaffirmed that Psychology was the best choice of degree for me! Over the next weeks and months I will dive back into pages and pages of reading and plunge head first into assessments, and I cannot be any more eager to start!


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