INTERVIEW: Q&As with the lovely Mannequin Death Squad!

Interview Questions for Mannequin Death Squad:

The other week as you may have read, I was lucky enough to go see Slaves at Cafe Indiependent – I loved the supports and I have had the fantastic opportunity to interview one of them, Mannequin Death Squad! Before I start the interview, would you write a few lines telling the readers of my blog who you are:

Hey! We are Dan and Elz from Mannequin Death Squad. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are usually a two-piece punk band playing pop songs. We are currently touring the UK in promotion of our debut EP ‘Eat Hate Regurgitate’. 

1. In 20 words or less, can you describe the sound of your duo?

On stage we tend to sound like Ministry trapped inside a can with Lana Del Ray caught up in an aural domestic dispute.

2. Who came up with the band name (it’s very unique and stands out!), and what was the inspiration behind it?

Dan came up with the name when we were watching a band in Melbourne who had Mannequin parts spread across the stage. This coupled with our irrational fear of the expressionless figures, we found it appropriate to manifest them into our noise.

3. How did you both meet, and how long have you been making and performing music in your duo?

We met each other in a music business course back in Melbourne in 2011. We had a few noisey jams on campus back then but nothing serious was set in stone at that stage. We have been writing and jamming on the MDS songs for about a year and a half now.

4. What’s been the highlight of your career so far? And if you have had any setbacks, what were they and how did you get past them?

It would have to be either performing at our farewell shows in Melbourne before heading off to the UK tour, or playing the Adelphi Club in Hull. Funny as it sounds, the energy and good vibes were just bouncing off the walls at both of those shows. If we are caught in a room with a bunch of friendly faces moving to our music; it trumps just about anything for us.

In terms of setbacks, the first gig we ever played was about to be our last. All of our gear messed up just from one faulty lead. The whole room was silent and we played in utter embarrassment… Luckily the gig the next night was one of the best gigs we’ve ever played! 

5. The first EP you have released on Spotify is called Eat Hate Regurgitate – what was your favourite song to record from it?

We had a lot of fun recording most of the songs on the EP, however the one we enjoyed the most was the one that didn’t actually make it onto the EP! It’s a song we felt that wasn’t quite ready so it has been chucked back into the MDS factory and will be spat out onto the next release. Keep a look out for Cherry 😉

Other favourites would definitely be Van Gogh and Sky. A fly on the wall would have witnessed a couple of monkeys jumping up and down on the sofas with our mate/ sound engineer Josh to the chorus of Van Gogh. 

6. You are currently on a tour around UK venues; as you hail from Australia had you previously played in the UK?

This is our first of many visits to the UK. We can’t wait to come back! The response has been really positive and everybody has been rad. 

7. During this tour you played Cafe Indiependent in Scunthorpe – did you like the venue and have you had a chance to visit anymore of my home county of Lincolnshire? If you haven’t yet, I would thoroughly recommend seeing the glorious Skegness 😉

Cafe Indiependent was awesome! Great set up and Slaves smassshed their set! We didn’t have time to see any more of Licolnshire but definitely next time! Sounds Glorious.

8. If you weren’t in the band, what careers would you both be in?

Dan would probably have joined the circus and El would still be be baking cookies at the cookie shop.

9. Do you usually buy each other Christmas presents?

We do birthdays but not really christmas, christmas is too much pressure for us Aussies. It’s too hot and theres too many crazy bogan mums pushing past you in the shopping centre with bables and fucking cakes. 

10. I told my mum about you guys and she wanted to join in with the fun of the interview – she wants to ask you if you were stuck on a desert island and you had just enough battery left on your iPod to listen to one more song, what would each of you choose and why?        

We were actually talking about this the other day. For Elz it would be Edith Piaf – Non Regrette Rien, it’s just beautiful and it means no regrets. Dan would be sitting in a pile of sand with a coconut singing shake it off until the end of time. He can’t get enough of that track haha.

Well those were some really interesting and intriguing answers, and I’m so glad you didn’t pack it in for good after your first gig! Thank you for your time El and Dan – I hope to see you return to the UK soon!

There is a full review of their Eat Hate Regurgitate EP a few posts back to feast your eyes upon, and you can listen to it until your heart’s content on Spotfiy RIGHT NOW!


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