FRESH NEW MUSIC – Milky Chance / Blossom

5 years ago, Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch were just two hard-working students at a German high school; dedicating every inch of their spare time towards busking/recording songs penned by Rehbein. They uploaded music onto YouTube not anticipating the wave of attention their songs drew from fans worldwide – ‘Stolen Dance’ is an iconic, bittersweet nostalgic song echoing the woes of lamenting and heartbreak, yet is so simple in its guitar-backed composition. Its video released in 2013, the song has to date received just around 300 million views on YouTube. Following endless touring around the USA and the release of debut album Sadnecessary, Milky Chance are back with a new album for you to hear, with the latest cut released being title track ‘Blossom’.


The track begins with a house-inspired gradual electronic build-up – Milky Chance’s music has been described in the past as ‘folktronica’, mixing traditional serene acoustic sounds with modern electronic beats. Once the beat ‘drops’ at 25 seconds into the song, Milky Chance’s defining mellow guitar vibe kicks in, and the listener can tell at this point that ‘Blossom’ has the winning ingredient which makes all the band’s music great. The repeating melody throughout the verses is reminiscent of the hook from popular house songs from the last few summers such as Kung’s ‘This Girl’ – the track uses the best parts of house music and mixes it with guitar, creating a chilled sound with an irresistible catchy beat.

Rehbein has one of the most unique vocals in the music industry; his smokey bluesy twang compliments Dausch’s production perfectly. Just like previous Milky Chance releases CocoonDown by the River, and of course Stolen Dance, the song carries an groovy beat, with a hook you’re sure to remember. Repeated lyrics of ‘you have to trust in someone, trust in someone, trust in someone’ lead up to the chorus, further adding to the infectious hookworm of ‘Blossom’. Milky Chance have described the meaning of their sweet-sounding latest single as “emerging from that nihilism and negativity to find meaning and emotion again”; the dulcet, positive vibe of the track certainly resembles a peaceful transition of a person from once stuck in a negative mindset, to blossoming into someone who is blooming with a positive aspect on life.

Milky Chance are due to release Blossom in just under a week (17th March), and other tracks so far revealed off their second album include ‘Doing Good’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Cocoon’. You can listen to the latest single here.


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