About – The Blog and its Owner!

Let’s talk about the blog name. I decided to call this blog gigsandfreudianslips not just because I thought it was a unique name, but it also combines two important parts of my life. Obviously, the ‘gigs’ part gives away (or I hope it does) that this is a music blog, whilst the ‘freudianslips’ is a reference to a term coined by the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. When I first began the blog I would write about psychology a lot as I study it at degree level, so felt it had to be included in the name somewhere.

Initially, gigsandfreudianslips started life as a personal blog, a space where I’d write up gig reviews, university experience as a commuting student, and what was going on in my life. In time, I realised I enjoyed writing up music pieces the most, and I began to be asked more often than not to review singles, EPs, etc. A year on from starting gigsandfreudianslips the blog covers a range of genres & single, EP and album reviews, and often thrills (again, I hope) readers with exclusive interviews. Singers and bands I’ve covered have come from all over the world, although I purposely focus on promoting the great local music scene present in my home county, Lincolnshire.


A little more about me – I’m called Georgia, but everyone calls me G, a nickname that’s stuck with me since secondary school. I live in a rural Lincolnshire village with my folks, my brother when he’s home from university, and the joy of my life, my Cocker Spaniel. In term time I pretty much 24/7 study, as psychology degrees in your final year get pretty intense. I also volunteer at my local Oxfam branch sorting records (a few posts on here touch on my volunteering experiences), work as a Student Ambassador at uni, but a lot of my time outside of studying is spent on writing. I’m hoping to do something either journalism or social psychology related at postgraduate level. The dream would be to win a place on BBC’s Journalism Trainee Scheme in September 2018!

Since starting my blog, I’ve joined a handful of sites as a writer. My words have been featured many times on student-led website The Indiependent. I currently write for new website What the Funk magazine, and sometimes guest write on Secret Cave. I’ve recently joined the team at Northern Exposure too! My biggest achievement to date was being approached by Festival Republic, who organise several of the largest UK and European festivals, to write a feature they published on the Reading and Leeds website.


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