A commuter’s guide to…Fresher’s Week!

Despite not living in the same city my university is in, I haven’t let this obstacle stop me from enjoying the student tradition of parting hard and drinking solid for a week! Okay maybe I haven’t drunk and clubbed through the whole of Fresher’s Week, but still I’ve taken part in at least something on offer, whether it be the gift from the gods that is a Freebie’s Fayre, signing up for societies and sports I have zero intention of ever taking part in, or letting my hair down at a club night! For my first year I booked a hotel with a friend and we went to the weekly student night at the Engine Shed (the biggest and best entertainment venue in Lincoln), and saw a singer there…along with 50 other people. Ahh, kind of empty! This time I haven’t gone as far as booking a hotel but I’ve still managed to feel like I’ve sufficiently joined in with my Fresher’s once again!

So, as most universities are currently in the middle of the wild and crazy spectacle of Fresher’s, or are due to start next week, here are some do’s and don’ts I want to share with commuters who plan to live up their Fresher’s, and most will also apply to those students who have done the wise thing of moving onto campus:

  • DO: Go to the Freebie Fayre – At first the ‘Commerical Fayre’ may sound too sophisticated for Fresher’s which is meant to just be a total booze up, but trust me on this – if your university has one of these, set your alarm and go to it! Whilst there are the occasional serious leaflets pressed into your hands reminding you that ‘SMOKING IS BAD’ or ‘DON’T LET YOUR NIGHT OUT BE YOUR LAST ONE’, there are usually free pens, sweets and yes, even condoms lying around awaiting to be snapped up by lucky students. At Lincoln’s Commerical Fayre this year for instance, Dominos and Pizza Hut were both giving away free pizzas – do you really want to sacrifice free pizza for more sleep? I wouldn’t anyway!
  • DON’T: Go out every single night of the week – There is nothing wrong with clubbing during Fresher’s Week, but from sitting in lectures the following week, Fresher’s Flu is a reality and almost everyone gets it! They who cough and sneeze all the way through the lectures are the people who are out every night, so I would recommend having a break one night and instead have a drink in or get to know your flat mates better (have a night in at home with Netflix and chocolate you strong commuters out there). Your bodies won’t be as exhausted from all the clubbing and your risk of Fresher’s Flu will lower, plus a relaxing night in actually will feel good after a few solid nights of partying and drinking, I promise you!
  • DO: Make sure you have a way of getting home/friend’s to stay at if you plan to go out – As a commuter who relies on a bus service which only runs in the day, I have to make sure I have a floor to kip on if I venture out during Fresher’s! Luckily I have great friends who provide me with food and a bed for a night (thanks a bunch guys!). I wouldn’t try to rely on meeting people on nights out and then asking them if you could stay at theirs afterwards – the safest bets are planning it in advance or if you are living at home in the same place as your university is, grab a taxi home. I know some people will be worried about not making friends before/during Fresher’s – most universities have group chats either for others on the same course as you or for fellow commuters; others will be in the same boat as you!
  • DON’T: Skip out on the Induction Talks, or Enrolment – I don’t want to sound like a studious nerd, but your course welcome talks and campus tours are genuinely important so go to those! You’ll be introduced to some of your lecturers then and what to expect for the year, rather than being chucked in the deep end straight away! Missing out on Enrolment means a painstaking wait for your precious Student Finance to appear in your bank accounts, so it is vital you do both these things!
  • DO: Try new experiences, be confident and talk to fellow students, and HAVE FUN! – Just because you live at home and you may not have to technically go into University for another week, GO TO FRESHER’S! It may cost extra money to travel in or book a taxi/hotel if you’re planning on staying out, but going to the really important events such as enrolment make attending really worthwhile. You will also regret not going at some point, I promise; for my first year I was close to not bothering with Fresher’s, but now I am so glad I went as I tried out new experiences (my friend and I played indoor women’s football – fun but never again!), and met lovely people who I’m still friends with now. Both years I’ve enjoyed the week and I’m no doubt once again Fresher’s will be one of the highlights of my university year.

Some of you may have read my review of Slaves from the other day – one the support acts read my review and in exciting news, they want me to carry out an interview with them and review their EP! I will still be blogging my experiences as a second year student, but also using this blog as a music review platform too! In the next few days I will be posting a review of Mannequin Death Squad’s EP and my interview with the trio as well, keep posted! 


4 thoughts on “A commuter’s guide to…Fresher’s Week!

  1. Last year for my freshers, I booked a hotel and stayed for several nights to get involved with some of the activities going on. I am so glad I did this as it meant I didn’t miss out on the experience!

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