SINGLE REVIEW: Alfie Jack / No Guideline

Alfie Jack is one of the most underrated duos around right now, but we predict big success (as well as hopefully being added to a couple of Spotify playlists) is right under their noses with their latest single. Here’s the low down on the band: they’re from Lincolnshire, so they are one of the local acts we’ve championed on here before. We first became aware of them through watching their set at a Plugged event last year, and then saw them again when they supported the sensational King No-One at Lincoln’s Engine Shed. Their most recent EP Raised to Renovate spawned a whole host of singles with quirky music videos, and a delightful sense of youthful fun and energy embedded into them. Now they are back with their latest single ‘No Guideline’, which carries a motivational positive message that should resonate with many people, who at one time or another may have felt like they do not fit in anywhere.

zalfiejackAlfie Jack (📸 taken from their Facebook page)


The biggest bands around seamlessly incorporate a tinge of their distinctive character into their tracks, diversifying them from the rest of the bunch. Alfie Jack has succeeded in stamping their individuality onto ‘No Guideline’ once again, with their trademark kooky, quirky indie pop stamp. Within seconds we knew we were going to enjoy the track, particularly due to its absolute killer baseline, which hooks you in from the get-go. Alfie Jack are a fun duo, with what appears to be a carefree, and purely fun approach to their music. In actuality, their lyrics always send across powerful lessons and are carefully put together. This time around, they encourage listeners to be themselves and not worry about always following the status quo. Although many of the track’s lines spoke to us immensely, one particular couplet that we really like is the line “no need to be so critical, we’re all individual” – a lot of people can harbour nasty comments to say to one another, but the band believe people need to let this go; as humans, we are all our own person. Sometimes the message a song can be negative and encourage listeners to do the wrong thing or behaviour in not the best way; Alfie Jack instead only instil positive, motivational lessons within their lyrics.


‘No Guideline’ has just been released – they also have a great bunch of other songs on their Spotify artist page.


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