Diverse, risk-taking and resilient; these are all qualities some of the world’s most celebrated and famous musicians have, and STEEGS shares these attributes. As someone who has performed on the street & in quirky family-founded groups, put a halt on a prospering education to pursue her dream of performing to the full, and who doesn’t give a single fuck about what people think of her, STEEGS, aka Clara, is certainly a character, who has already had a huge taste of life. We had to interview the Canadian musician and delve into her endlessly intriguing life, just as she releases anticipated debut single ‘Come Through’.

zsteegsSTEEGS (📸 taken by photo_by_abe)


Q: What inspired you to call your stage name STEEGS?

STEEGS was a nickname that some of my friends would call me growing up. It’s short for Stegall, which is my last name. It also happened to be one of the only names I tried out that wasn’t taken on the social links. No surprise there haha!

Q: You once attended the prestigious Berklee College, but decided to drop out to pursue your music career. How difficult was that decision to make?

It wasn’t. I was not happy at Berklee, and already knew after 6 months of being there that leaving was the right decision. I wanted to pursue more hands on experiences in the music industry, even though I had no idea what the heck that meant.

Q: This would likely depend on the direction your music career heads in, but would you ever consider a return to education?

Nope. I was always just a ‘B grade’ student growing up, and found it quite difficult and boring to push myself through the extra studying and required focus for lecture upon lecture. I am the best version of myself when I am immediately learning through hands on experiences. For example, if for some reason I wasn’t doing music, I would probably be pursuing something more like videography, or becoming a surf instructor, or attempting and failing at becoming a comedian. In fact, I would much rather go to a bookstore, buy a survival book, learn how to hunt, build shelter, collect raindrops, and live like a damn caveman before ever going back to a university or college. Sorry mom.

Q: Your debut single is ‘Come Through’ and you’ve certainly experienced and come through a lot to reach this stage – what would you say is the message behind this track?

‘Come Through’ is a song about disappointment and heartbreak. “I chase the things I’ll never get. He’s the reason I’m depressed,” are the lyrics that say it all. Those boys just never come through the way I want them too… you know?

Q: Your musical life prior to your current project has been very colourful…you were once part of a ‘dark pop-rock band’ with your sisters; what was the greatest achievement of the group?

We were a band made up of family. Families know each other better than most of your friends do, and they know how to cut the bullshit when necessary. We grew up together, therefore our experiences are the same. I think in many ways, that makes our souls the same. Because of that, our music was honest and true. STEGALL taught us how to write from the core, and that’s one hell of an achievement if I do say so myself. Other than that, we came in first place in this international competition once, that involved us getting flown out to a destination studio in the middle of Ireland for two weeks to work with Grammy-winning engineers and producers. So that was pretty dope.

Q: You have also dabbled in street performing, and forms of this including busking are becoming more popular with bands my side of the world; what is it about street performing which has had you coming back to it time and time again?

Street performing is not only a way to make a buck here and there, but it’s also a platform where I can practice my songs and improve my musicality in front of a crowd that has absolutely no expectations. No one is there paying to see my show. They either like it, or they don’t. They can stay and listen and maybe even buy my CD, or they can call me annoying or something, and get on with their day. I hate unnecessary bullshit, so it really is the perfect gig for me in a lot of ways. Plus I’m my own boss, and I choose my own hours.

Q: Who are some of your favourite UK artists right now? And do you like any old school, classic UK musicians/bands? We noticed you did a cover of a Royal Blood song, and we rate them highly.

HUGE fan of Royal Blood, yes. Just saw them live a couple nights ago, and they sure know how to rock. I think we all know some of the best music ever has come out of the UK. Of course, I love the classics like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Van Morrison etc.. But some of my favourite bands of all time are Muse, Radiohead, Portishead, New Order, etc. I even love Coldplay dammit. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems like people in the UK have cooked up a nice recipe on how to create art. I think America is missing that extra little pinch of pink sea salt or garlic or whatever the heck it is, to make the dish taste that much better – if you know what I’m saying….

Q: We understand where you are coming from! Festivals here, there and everywhere have been unveiling their lineups recently, including plenty in the UK – what is your favourite lineup of the year?

YIKES! I have no idea.. As ironic as this is, I’m not a huge fan of festivals, unless of course I’m being asked to play at one. It’s not the best venue to check out a band for strictly a musical experience, which is the only experience I usually want when I go see a band. Drugs, alcohol, and the excuse to be as loud and obnoxious as you want is much more acceptable at festivals, which brings it a certain kinda energy. It just aint my thing. Therefore, I don’t keep up with the festival lineups. However, as soon as I start booking more serious shows of my own, I’m sure I’ll have to at least know the acts performing at these damn things. 😉

Q: Aside from music, what is the most important thing in the world for you?

My quality of life is the most important thing to me. That even comes before my music. It can be easy to get off track and not realize how far away from home you are. It’s important to me that I stay as true to myself as possible, even if that means one day I decide music isn’t for me anymore (which let’s be real, that ain’t happening). Life is short when you’re happy, so I’d like to make it count.

Q: What are your plans beyond the release of ‘Come Through’?

Well, I’ve got a music video I’ll be releasing for ‘Come Through’ in the next week. Following that, l have another single to throw at you. And then following THAT, I will be releasing my first EP.  From there, my plans are to keep pumping out the music I enjoy creating and performing, and see if people dig it. My plan is to continue voicing my art, and see how far people will let me in.

Wow that’s an exciting list – we are looking forward to watching and listening to all them soon.


‘Come Through’ is out on Spotify and other platforms now!

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