Part of our partnership with Turtle Tempo will entail writing about upcoming acts playing their shows on our blog, and performing later this month (20th February) at their show at The Social will be Castells! Here’s what you need to know about them: they’ve just released their debut single, ‘Do You Remember‘, so expect a lot of unheard original material during their sets. A video has also just come out for the track, which is live on their Facebook right now. Their gig at The Social will be only the second concert they’ve played – the first one was a set at one of the January Turtle Tempo shows! They’ve managed to rack up over one thousand listens on Spotify in a little over a month, which is impressive for a band who still have a small social media following. They’ve not revealed much about themselves online yet…until now. We grilled them about all things ‘Do You Remember’ and their career to date, so carry on reading to find out more about your soon to be new favourite group!


Q: How recently did you become a band?

We’ve been writing and playing music together for just over a year now; however, we didn’t actually find our feet as Castells until about 5 months ago!

Q: How hard was it to decide on your band name?

Initially extremely hard, considering how easily we ended up with ‘Castells’! We originally went through a variety of names that didn’t quite suit us or didn’t feel right. Our guitarist & producer, Rob, has the last name ‘Castelino’; a couple of members suggested the name Castells and it seemed to sit nicely with everyone.

Q: Is it harder than you think to set up a band in London?

Honestly, the music industry has always been brutal and you get out of it what you put in. The opportunities out there are incredible and you’ve just got to be committed to getting yourself into a position to take them. We guess that leaves it down to your own perspective.

Q: Your single ‘Do You Remember’ received airplay on radio stations ‘International Sounds’ and ‘Liskeard’ – how did those opportunities arise?

Yes it (the single) was – we were over the moon that we were given airtime so soon after release! The opportunity was given to us by radio show host Adrian Elliott, who is a friend of Rob’s Dad, Glen Castelino. Since the link to ‘Do You Remember’ had been shared across Facebook, Adrian heard it and was interested in playing it on his show! Social media isn’t all drama!

Q: Is there a storyline behind ‘Do You Remember’? A lot of stories behind bands’ first singles are really intriguing!

We like the fact that the song can be interpreted in any way. We’ve had people ask us which girl broke someone’s heart, or other love based questions and that’s okay for us. If you feel a connection with the song, one of us probably has a similar connection. I think we’ll keep it that way!

Q: The first gig you’ve ever played was at London’s The Waiting Room last month – what was the venue like? And how did you feel before and after the show?

The Waiting Room was better than what we would have ever expected for our first gig! Such an intimate venue with cool af lighting. The crowd was having a boogie and a sing-song – good vibes all-round! Naturally, nerves hit us all pretty hard before the gig but it flew by and we all felt great afterwards after getting such a good response!

Q: Your next gig is also at an event curated by Turtle Tempo – what did you enjoy so much at their last concert which has made you want to come back and play for them again?

What we enjoyed most about the last Turtle Tempo gig was probably the variety of music from the bands playing. Every band had a different, yet suitable sound which goes to show that the bill is always well thought out! Due to this fact, the venues are always full of different people and good vibes!

Q: You are a five-piece; how do you split duties between the band?

We have a drummer, two guitarists, a bassist and vocalist!

Q: If you could pick anywhere in the world to film a music video, where would you go and why?

Australia. The Outback. Driving in a 68′ Mustang. Sipping on Capri Sun.

Q: Each member give a fact about you, that your fans should really know:

“I used to weigh 17 stone; lost 4 stone” – Marc Smith, Drummer.

“I used to do dancing for 10 years – I can do the worm” – Connor Crooks, Vocals.

“I’m an identical twin” – Matt Chittenden, Bass.

“I used to weigh 4 stone and lived on Marc’s back” – Rob Castelino, Guitar.

Q: Finally, what else have you got in the pipeline for 2018?

We are planning on bringing out our next single very soon! Also, with a music video, there are multiple things in the works. We’ll be working hard doing what we love.

Thank you for your time Castells!


Tickets to this Turtle Tempo show on the 20th February, including Castells of course and other acts Sad Palace, Island Club, and Sad Boys Club can be purchased for FREE from here! The website have also just announced a last-minute show – performing at Sebright Arms, London on the 11th February will be Talmont, Dutch Criminal Record, and others – you can get your FREE tickets for this unmissable music night here.


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  1. Absolutely LO❤️E this interview , still smiling about the ‘facts’ 😆
    Hope you get to film a music video in the land of OZ ✨👌🏻


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