SINGLE REVIEW: Ravellas / Colour Me Sweet

The track has a continuously catchy riff throughout, elevating the song into its more intense, feisty choruses…this drive is what makes the quartet stand out from quieter, mundane outfits.

It’s hard to believe just a few years ago, the popularity and amount of bands within alternative rock was on its dying swansong; the scene was not swamped with the volume of bands vying for attention that it has now. Inevitably, it’s hard to recognise the creative, innovative indie diamonds from the rest of the pile. I’ve already embraced several alternative groups on the blog in 2017 that I believe have something different from the saturation of bands – MINT, Kid Luna, Get Inuit are a few. When I first heard Ravellas‘ new single, my inner scepticalness expected to be subjected to three minutes of basic, shallow indie rock, but I breathed a sigh of relief when, after my initial first listen, I immediately liked their latest single ‘Colour Me Sweet’.

Ravellas are based in Wigan, near Manchester, a city that definitely isn’t on the map for producing revolutionary music, is it? Hmm. This Feeling is a name that crops up more often than not on features & reviews on here now; just like treating a five-star review for a restaurant as a stamp of approval, I see bands affiliated with This Feeling the same way. They’ve got a gig lined up with the promoters today (30th September), in fact. There was that much-unprecedented demand for this hometown concert that it has already sold out, and the release of ‘Colour Me Sweet’ on the same day coincides with this. Keep reading to find out my thoughts on the single…


‘Colour Me Sweet’ almost dives head first into the opening verse, with only a sharp drumming sequence acting as an introduction. Mac, who’s the lead vocalist of Ravellas, has a gruff, abrasive vocal, bringing a wonderfully gritty, ‘rough around the edges’ Northern tone to their music, popularised by Northern bands including Milburn and Courteeners. The track has a continuously catchy riff throughout, elevating the song into its more intense, feisty choruses. This drive the song has is what makes the quartet stand out from quieter, mundane outfits; the majority of ‘Colour Me Sweet’ is a delightfully bold inferno of brash shimmering guitars (courtesy of Parker and Jon) and Aidan’s chaotic drumming, alongside the roughness of Mac’s voice. The song barely deaccelerates during its three-minute duration; you’re handed a moment’s breather when everything steadies and slows for the middle eight before it gloriously rockets back into the jaws of its hectic, pulsating chorus. ‘Colour Me Sweet’ is far from sweet-sounding, but its lyrics cleverly intertwine sugary references to allude to a fulfilling buzz – “as my E-numbers rise, got dilated eyes, I wanna mix coke and mentos”.

This lively alternative number will earn them the sweet sound of success they deserve. It may even supass the attention they received from previous release ‘Blush / Cause You Could’.

You can hear ‘Colour Me Sweet’ for yourself right here. The band also have their own artist page on Spotify, with the singles they have brought out to date all available to listen to on there.


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