SINGLE REVIEW: King No-One / Two Islands

‘Two Islands’ is a partial departure from the usual sound of King No-One; the Yorkshire group had hinted something would be happening on the 11th August through the medium of an equation which wouldn’t have looked out of place on a maths exam. Fans speculated the imminent release of either a new song or album; some were proved right with an official announcement a handful of days later. Their latest single was released bang on midnight on the 11th, and comes just before their upcoming mammoth UK tour kicks off in Ayton in September.


Previous releases by King No-One have had a livelier, synth-orientated production to them; ‘Antichrist‘ is a slick, energetic bop with a catchy hook and an inspirational message. ‘Alcatraz’ can be described similarly, with its gloriously groovy, disco-infused beat. The opening minutes of ‘Two Islands’ steer away from the sound of these two previous singles, and heads into a different direction, one which I can get on board with. Delicate, dreamy, and mellow – the opening strums of the guitar are familiar-sounding and pleasantly drift you into the start of the track. Clever imagery laced in sophisticated, fantastic lyricism tell you that the track is a love song full of emotion and regret, directed at a person the protagonist still thinks of dearly and often.

King No-One never play it safe – as soon as you’ve settled into the track, ‘Two Islands’ is given a complete face lift after the first chorus, the sound reverting back to the group’s usual upbeat, 80s-esque indie pop style. I actually liked the stripped back half of the track and in some respect, I wish that melodic softness had continued all the way through. Saying that, without its switch in tempo, the track would not have the King No-One stamp on it, and it results in another brilliant song from the band. King No-One is quickly becoming a favourite of mine and everyone, not just because they are one of the most consistent bands out there releasing one great track after another, but any band that champions equality for all deserve exposure and success.

All photos are taken from King No-One’s Facebook page.


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