SINGLE REVIEW: Marsicans / Too Good

Northern infectious indie/dirty pop outfit Marsicans are back with their latest release ‘Too Good’. Several months ago, I described their last single ‘Friends’ as sounding “fun and sprightly on the surface, but (it talks) about the anguish of both losing pals and not having sufficient time to make for friends anymore, a sad truth for grown-ups everywhere”. ‘Friends’ received a huge national response, including airplay on Radio 1, and in an interview, I carried out with the lads back in March, they were pretty stoked about it. Time will tell whether ‘Too Good’ will receive the same amount of national exposure, but I’m certain it will.

Marsicans Photoshoot

‘Too Good’ from the get-go has that distinctive sound which makes it identifiable as a Marsicans song, yet it’s also a contrast from the upbeat punchy start ‘Friends’ has. Ambiance synths and faded drum beats create a chilled mellow vibe, which is followed by a striking opening line of ‘I’ve been asking myself questions, like: ‘are you worth it?’. The uncertainty and questioning of the first line draw you into the remainder of the song, making you want to find out whether the protagonist’s affection is worth it or not. I particularly like how the pace of ‘Too Good’ during the first verse is laid-back and not as frantic initially as it has been on some of their other tracks ‘Friends’ and ‘Arms of Another’. Rather, it’s more gentle as seen on another of their songs ‘Far Away – Saudade’, which is one of my favourites by the band. Eventually, a kick of energy does hit ‘Too Good’, and it’s another funky, groovy delightful indie pop number, especially in the song’s killer choruses. A floral synth effect coupled with floaty, bouncy guitar jangles and drum beats create an almost dreamlike chorus, and whilst the band have always had a knack for making catchy hooks, this is probably their best to date.

If you like the likes of High Tyde, and early The Wombats material, then you will probably become a huge fan of Marsicans. The group have pages on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, plus their song collection to date is on their artist page on Spotify! ‘Too Good’ can also be found on two of the most followed Spotify playlists: New Music FridayHot New Bands. Marsicans are playing a number of summer festivals including 110 Above and Greenbelt Festival, whilst in the summer they are supporting rising alternative rock group Clean Cut Kid on their UK tour, before stopping off to perform at Lincoln’s 2Q Festival at the end of October.

All photos used credited to Alec Aarons.



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