SINGLE REVIEW: Simon Baum / London

A few months back I wrote a single review from understated singer/songwriter Simon Baum, for his track ‘Bridges’. Back in April, I said the powerful, meaningful track is about “how today’s society is now putting up walls… rather than building bridges to form friendships and relationships with each other”. Simon is an experienced musician and has a knack of basing the themes of his songs around topical areas and recent news events, and this is once again evident in latest track ‘London’.


‘London’ is another beautiful, chilled acoustic ballad from the performer. The message of the track is clear – despite all the traumatising, terrifying, tragic events which have occurred recently, the people of London (and everywhere really) will not be stopped, standing tall to adversity and carrying on. From the opening line what the song encompasses is clear: ‘We’ll stand strong, ’cause we’ve been here a thousand years through fires and storms’. Simon has stated that the lyrics are specifically a response to the attacks that happened on London Bridge, and the Grenfell Tower fire heartbreakingly presumed to have taken 80 lives now.

‘London’ is not your ordinary single release; all the proceedings made from the single will be donated to the British Red Cross. The money will help the families of the victims involved in both disasters. The track can be purchased on iTunes, and Google Play, for 59p. If you want to try before you buy, you can listen to the track right here.

Images from Simon Baum’s Facebook Page (including adorable single artwork courtesy of his children!)


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