Single Review: Megative / More Time

Megative may hail from Brooklyn, but their music sounds distinctively British. Their singer, Tim Fletcher, had the ambition of setting up his own music ‘ensemble’ for a while, and after being involved with music projects in America. Joining forces with producer Gus Van, they have put together a group who carry the spirit of UK punk, and reggae, whilst elevating it into a new setting and sound which is accessible to listeners today. Fletcher’s musical inspirations are two of Britain’s most influential groups – rebellious punk pioneers The Clash, and ska group The Specials – the latter emerged in a time when ska began to mold into its most well-known form, mixing classic Jamaican brass instruments and melodies, with the ferocity and risqué lyrical topics covered in late 1970s punk.

Photo taken by Ty Snaden.
After signing to Last Gang Records, earlier this month the group debuted ‘More Time’, alongside an artsy video featuring scenes of the group performing, and locations in New York City. ‘More Time’ features all the elements of old school ska and 2-tone, and these are particularly evident in the track’s chorus, where you can distinctively hear the traditional ska beat and the combinations of brass instruments and guitars. Megative fit right alongside British acts who also fuse an exciting and diverse assortment of genres and sounds together, like Rudimental and DJ Fresh.

Following in the steps of the original punk and ska bands, the lyrics touch on key issues which are detrimental to society and directly affect the people who go out there to buy punk and ska music, including fears of death, denial, and greed. It takes a little while for the track to get up and running off the ground, but once the track hits the first chorus it bursts into life and becomes irresistible. Jazzy synth keyboards, sound bites & distorted FX effects, and a slick rap halfway through the track indicate the band are very much making music for now rather than the past – Fletcher aims to make ska and reggae music but adapt its sound for the present day audience, and ‘More Time’ effectively carries the essence of the genre without losing its originality, whilst bringing in new flavours, in particular, and updating it for the 21st Century.

As mentioned earlier, ‘More Time’ has already been released – if you’ve never listened to ska or 70s UK punk before, I’d highly recommend checking out Megative, before immersing yourself in the music from the likes of The Specials, The Beat, The Clash and Sex Pistols.

Featured Photo is from Megative’s Facebook Page.


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