Lincolnshire Band of the Week: Project Redshift

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am extremely passionate and outspoken about supporting local talent, so I’ve decided to make it a more regular feature. Each week, or fortnight, I’ll pick a band or musician from Lincolnshire and profile them, and this week in the spotlight are Project Redshift.

The group is a three piece band who base themselves in Louth, Lincolnshire. Coincidentally, Louth is my hometown – in the day it’s a wispy, quaint market town, but has a pretty lively music and night scene most nights around pubs and clubs – there are more bands emerging than ever before from the town.


This photo and the featured image are from the band’s official Facebook page.

The three lads who make up Project Redshift are Josh Tunnicliffe (vocals and guitars), Pete Thickett (vocals and bass guitar), and James Turner (drums). The band was started up in September 2016, and in less than a year they’ve already launched their own merch, including t-shirts and hoodies with the band’s bold logo printed on them. On a side note, they are available from the group’s official shop. They’ve also played a handful of local gigs around the town area which went down amazingly well. In fact, Project Redshift is progressing outside of the Louth region, with upcoming sets in Cleethorpes, and at the Wild Farm Festival near Lincoln.

Project Redshift describe their sound as hard rock and are inspired by a number of classic and new rock bands including Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and personal favourites of mine, Royal Blood. Although they have released no recorded music to date, I’ve seen footage of the group performing live, and they definitely live up to their rock heroes. Raucous riffs and energetic melodies, they create a thrilling and pulsating loud sound and have the aura of classic hard rock bands. There’s also edgy gritty powerful vocals, and passionate, ferocious drumming, which create an exhilarating rock sound. The band also like to cover songs and put a rock twist on them – they recently added their own rock n roll slant to The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ at one of their gigs for example. Their first single is expected to be ‘Sanity Catches’, and you can watch a video of them performing it live right here.

I asked a few questions to the band’s drummer James and vocalist/guitarist Josh, including when they plan to release music to the world…

Q: How has the dynamic of Project Redshift changed from when you started out, to now?

James: The dynamic in terms of practice has always stayed the same; we’ve always set Wednesday nights between 7:00-9:00 pm for full band practice. So far we’ve always had the same approach to songwriting – either Josh who’s our guitarist or Pete who’s our bassist bring in the skeleton of a song they’ve written and we just jam to it and see what we can come up with. As the band progressed we easily started to get on a lot better; we first met through a site called Join My Band, where I saw an advert posted by Josh looking for a drummer and we started talking, decided on some covers and met up the next week with Pete as well. I feel we know each other a lot better now and also get a lot better. I’m just glad I met these guys because I’m having such a great time playing with them.

Josh: I think as people we’ve become closer, more like brothers than friends. We know what’s going on when we practice together whereas we were a bit ‘wobbly’ when we first started. We love playing music together and that’s what matters. We’ve all grown more confident both in the studio and on stage too, and it’s great to watch each other grow in that sense! We’re much more productive in rehearsal now too; we seem to be able to get a lot more done, but I think things are always slow to begin with.

Q: Roughly how many hours do you dedicate to practising in the band each day?

James: Since we started in October last year we’ve always had a set day for practising a week at Pump House in Louth: usually it’s two hours a week but we always work on our individual parts at home and write songs of our own and bring them into practice and jam them out.

Q: Finally, have you any news on how the progress of making your first EP is going?

James: Currently we’ve got around six songs of our own fully written, but we don’t have any of them recorded yet. We’re going into the studio in late July to record our first single ‘Sanity Catches’ and whatever else we can record in the time we’ve got. Basically what we’re recording in July is just really a taster to get us out there and so we can finally start applying to festivals and maybe get some more attention to us, then once we think all the songs we’ve got are solid, we’ll choose probably the best four and record an EP. We’re also planning some stuff so we can put a music video alongside that; there is a video of our set from the Alvingham Open Mic we did around a month ago (link to this video can be found earlier on in the feature).

The group are very active on social media – they have their own website which is regularly updated, and pages on Twitter, Instagram (on both of these their username is ProRedshiftBand), and Facebook.



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