SINGLE REVIEW: Three Day Weekend / What’ve You Got To Prove?

In late 2016, you may remember reading a feature on here on a band called Three Day Weekend. Last time round, I wrote a track by track review for their debut EP Oh Well, comprised of three demos the group recorded back in their early days – I called it a ‘neat and polished’ set of tracks, and ‘highly recommended’ giving it a listen. Now, they’ve got their debut single out on Spotify, and have released another selection of tracks alongside it. Alternative bands tend to give the listener more than the bare minimum, and Three Day Weekend have unveiled two additional B-Sides alongside single ‘What’ve You Got to Prove?’


Photo from Three Day Weekend’s Facebook page.

Kicking off is the short and snappy single ‘What’ve You Got To Prove?’ It’s got a heavy invasive sound, and I really like how in your face it is for a single – as soon as the guitars kick in, it’s clear there is a strong Arctic Monkeys imprint on the sound. The song has the same level of sound and energy as tracks on the Sheffield band’s exemplary debut Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, and this pattern continues through the rest of the EP. The lyrics are also striking, with lines such as ‘you think you’re still 19 and try to act cool’ packing a punch and cementing the bold and brash tone of the track.

First B-Side ‘Blind’ is pretty similar to ‘What’ve You Got to Prove?’; Three Day Weekend is still only beginning to establish where their sound is at with this being their second major release, so some familiarity between tracks is understandable. Undertones of 80s indie emerge in ‘Blind’, with the intro having a Smiths inspired ‘This Charming Man’ riff, with a dash of The Cure for good measure. Unfortunately, as bands age, less of the new generations will have heard of them, so it’s great to hear their style revamped in modern alternative music. There is also homage paid to Courteeners – again, the introduction sounds similar to ‘No You Didn’t, No You Don’t, and the inclusion of lyric ‘can tell that you’re watching me biding my time’ may or may not have been a deliberate play on words reference to ‘Bide You Time’, another classic Courteeners single.

The opening for the second B-Side and final track ‘Better Man’ is another rowdy, rocking brilliant indie track, lamenting the woes of being ignored and mistreated by someone with jealous traits, despite the protagonist being the best they can be already. Lead singer Rhys’ vocals are particularly gritty and thick on this track, portraying the frustration felt in the song’s lyrics. There are clear leaps between their Oh Well EP, and their latest offering of three songs – whilst there was nothing negative to really say about Oh Well, the clarity of sound quality and general production is more refined this time around, something Three Day Weekend feel strongly about themselves.

You don’t have to wait to hear these songs for yourself – Three Day Weekend’s debut single was released at the beginning of June onto Spotify.


2 thoughts on “SINGLE REVIEW: Three Day Weekend / What’ve You Got To Prove?

  1. I’m delighted to read your review.
    I know I’m biased, very proud of my grandson and Three Day Weekend, so it’s really good to hear your professional opinion. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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