Liam Gallagher launches his solo career!

Oasis were one of the biggest bands in the mid 1990s, and their legacy has long continued over twenty years later. As such, there’s been a high amount of public interest over the next career steps of the Oasis members, particularly of the Gallagher brothers. Noel has successfully forged a solo career under moniker ‘High Flying Birds’, and following on from project Beady Eye with other Oasis members, Liam is now finally releasing his first solo material. As the lead singer on most Oasis tracks, including arguably the group’s most famous single ‘Wonderwall’, it has been a long time coming for Liam to bring out his own material.

The rumour mill had been growing for a while that Liam was about to release music, and everything then happened pretty much at once – at the end of May Liam revealed that he would be releasing a single and video on the first of June. However, in true Liam Gallagher style, ‘Wall of Glass’ premiered a day earlier than expected along with a suave visual – he also surprised everyone with a string of unexpected tour dates, including a concert at the 02 Ritz in Manchester, in partnership with the British Red Cross.

‘Wall of Glass’ is a strong opening solo track – from its harmonica infused introduction and the opening lines of the first verse, you can tell it’s going to be a Liam Gallagher track; it has his stamp all over it. When The Stone Roses also launched their comeback with ‘All For One’, you also knew immediately the song was from the band, and whilst neither track pushes the boundaries or shows sign of development, familiarity is what’s needed when you are releasing a highly anticipated single after years away. Not that ‘Wall of Glass’ needed to sound drastically different – it’s a brilliant rock track and Liam sounds amazing; his voice is as good as it was during the Oasis peak. Oasis tracks had a strong message described in the lyrics, and ‘Wall of Glass’ follows this, with the empowering word that people who hurt others, or break other people apart, will have their karma. The lyrics are even more resonant now with the destructive, unforgiving acts of terrorism occurring in the UK and across the world at the moment.


Photo from the Liverpool Echo.

Whilst indie rock is popular at the moment, the core gritty British rock sound had disappeared, but the resurrection is now definitely on for pure rock music.

Liam, as mentioned earlier, has been supporting his solo career with sold out shows and appearances at the biggest European festivals. In a beautiful gesture, he flew all the way over from Germany to deliver a surprise performance at Manchester’s One Love concert, organised by Ariana Grande in light of the recent events, and delighted the crowd with ‘Wall of Glass’, and some classic Oasis tunes. This month Liam is playing shows at Dublin and Glasgow, before returning to perform at Leeds and Reading Festival at the end of August. With his debut solo album As You Were being released this year, we can expect to hear the next slice of Liam Gallagher’s solo music soon.


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