Liam Gallagher launches his solo career!

Oasis were one of the biggest bands in the mid 1990s, and their legacy has long continued over twenty years later. As such, there’s been a high amount of public interest over the next career steps of the Oasis members, particularly of the Gallagher brothers. Noel has successfully forged a solo career under moniker ‘High Flying Birds’, and following on from project Beady Eye with other Oasis members, Liam is now finally releasing his first solo material. As the lead singer on most Oasis tracks, including arguably the group’s most famous single ‘Wonderwall’, it has been a long time coming for Liam … Continue reading Liam Gallagher launches his solo career!

SINGLE REVIEW: Mint / Hypoallergenic

The follow-up to ‘Elise’ from the Grimsby band is ‘Hypoallergenic’; it was premiered on Gigslutz at the end of May, and has received plays on the BBC Introducing Stations in Humberside and East Midlands. Whilst ‘Elise’ may have won the band a swarm of new fans, ‘Hypoallergenic’ will be the track that’ll keep them hooked to Mint. It’s miles better and an evolution from ‘Elise’, and that was already an indie banger – the track has all the ingredients needed to be a smash. A killer hook, melodically similar to one featured in one of the biggest indie hits of … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Mint / Hypoallergenic