BAND CORNER: The Minerals of Mars


Sometimes bands achieve major success after just a few months in the music game; other times it can take slightly longer – The Minerals of Mars have been making music on and off for around 25 years, but now it looks like it’s their time to really take things by storm. After a series of recordings and shows in their native America during the 1990s, progress did quieten down for the guys – something would always get in the way. Come 2017, the band is recording again and they are more determined and ready, after years of waiting their turn, to reach the peak in their career!

Due to the length of time The Minerals of Mars have been around, there have naturally been a few line-up changes, but the group have a strong and creative force in current members David Mathews (vocals & rhythm guitar duties), Armond Capparelli (guitar), Joe Delaney (bass guitar), and Walter McGonegal (drums) – reminders of the group’s former members can be found in their videos, and it’s refreshing their contributions are still recognised. The group’s music is a snazzy combination of 50s rock ‘n’ roll vibes, with influences of the 70s glam and psychedelic rock made famous by influential groups such as T-Rex; the lick of glam is evident in tracks by The Minerals of Mars such as ‘Cellar of your Soul’.

The wave of tracks and their respective visuals the group have just released on YouTube are part of a fresh, unique and innovative collaborative project encompassing art and music, using flavours of each other to generate visual masterpieces. During the 1990s the band were unable to gather footage of them playing live, and this is where the inspiration for their latest project came from. The partnership between the band and Gary Pover (a musician and visual artist himself), has consolidated the lack of live video back in the day, and their work involving live studio recordings with accompanying music videos, can be viewed on the links included in this feature. There will also soon be videos showing the band recording live in their studio, to add another chapter to the ongoing project.

The Minerals of Mars aim to produce more studio recordings and build on what they produced back in 2006, with the potential to travel to England to perform with local band Chariots, if they receive enough demand for shows over the pond.

Best of luck, rockers!


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