Single reviews from an array of dazzling and exciting acts: The Bay Rays, Lewis Capaldi, and Seramic!

I write for The Indiependent as well as for my own blog – the online magazine is a platform for young writers like myself, and covers a large range of topics from politics, to opinion articles, and culture such as films and music. The people who write do it completely voluntarily and purely on the basis that writing is their passion, and I couldn’t recommend you to read what’s been published on there enough! So far, I’ve wrote a number of single reviews for the magazine, and thought I’d share them on my own personal blog as well – it builds up my portfolio on here, and maybe some of this blog’s current readers have not had an opportunity to read the reviews yet. I’ve so far reviewed fabulous singles from rock-alt band The Bay Rays (who have a dash of early Kings of Leon to them), talented young Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi, and soulful electronic act Seramic.

Satisfaction // The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are a thrilling rock trio heralding from Kent – the home place of ferocious punk duo Slaves – and late last year released their incredibly catchy single ‘Satisfaction’. After racking up over a million plays on Spotify, and landing on many alternative playlists on the other side of the Atlantic, the band has finally revealed the video to their hit song.

‘Satisfaction’ carries a jovial and fun-loving positive vibe throughout the track, but there is a second much deeper side to the record underneath the carefree blissfulness of the music. Lyrics describe the longing to break free and become a more social person, conflicted with a second desire to not lose their true personality through gaining popularity. The protagonist’s dilemma can be sensed in lyrics included in an insatiably catchy chorus, and one instance is: “Hey love is so free and easy/ but it just won’t satisfy me”. The vocals and overall style of ‘Satisfaction’ has had The Bay Rays compared to acclaimed indie bands of the mid-noughties, such as Kings of Leon and The Zutons.

The newly released video for ‘Satisfaction’ sees the band perform on a retro-set television show in front of their biggest fans and potentially thousands of other viewers, and hints of the song’s deeper meaning are teased during the duration of the clip. The concept of the video is smart and entertaining all the way through, and you can watch it right here. Other tracks from The Bay Rays, including ‘Integration’ and ‘New Home’, can be heard on their Spotify page.

Bruises // Lewis Capaldi

Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi has been waiting to captivate and make his mark on the country’s local music scene for some time – having conquered a sold-out show at the renowned King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut venue, Lewis has also conquered releasing a memorable, gorgeous debut single in ‘Bruises’.

Lewis has an impassioned stirring voice beyond his young years – it carries so much emotion and is perfect for a piano-based ballad, which is exactly what ‘Bruises’ is. The song allows Lewis to show off his full vocal range – whilst his lower range showcases the extent of sentiment and emotion his voice is capable of expressing, the song’s heart-rending choruses provide the perfect opportunity for him to switch to his stunning, passionate falsetto. There is a sublime balance between the gentle, delicate piano chords and the powerful sound of Lewis’ voice, and the contrast between the tender, soft notes of the instrument and his grainy, intense vocals work well – the track will no doubt earn Lewis comparisons to other male singers well known for heartfelt ardent ballads, including James Morrison and fellow Scottish singer Paolo Nutini.

Lyrics match the quality of the other elements of the track – Lewis sings poignantly about the desire of ‘holding on’ to the best parts of a former relationship, hence why Lewis never wishes to ‘lose the bruises that have been left behind’ by their once lover. Everyone who has ever felt lost without a ultimately hurtful person in their life will be able to relate to Lewis’ haunting and heart-breaking bluesy romantic torch song.

Beyond the release of ‘Bruises’, Lewis has got two strings of live dates lined up – at the time of writing Lewis has a number of shows coming up in the next couple of weeks:

  • Wednesday 12 April – The Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK
  • Thursday 13 April – Ironworks, Inverness, UK
  • Friday 14 April – The Mash House, Edinburgh, UK

Same Mistakes // Seramic

Seramic, also known under real name Marcus Foster, has gained a reputation as one of the most sought after musicians, mixing synth electronic beats with luxurious soul and pop sounds. Following on from releases ‘Greg’s Love’ and ‘I Got You’, earning Seramic glowing reviews and recommendations from well-known publications including The Sunday Times and Mixmag, the next track from future EP ‘I Got You’ released is ‘Same Mistakes’.

The track is a great slice of emerging sub-genre ‘indie EDM’; songs fitting into this bracket combine classic styles, such as jazz enfused sounds or Motown influences, with the modern day twist implimented through electronic beats and synth sounds. ‘Same Mistakes’ follows on from a bunch of undeniably good songs, such as NAO’s ‘Girlfriend’, in the same genre. Seramic’s track has this eloquent smooth soulful sound, and will instantly appeal to listeners – slick rhythms with lyrics like “love I won’t wait for you / wasted all my time / I won’t wait for you my love” make it addictive from the first listen. There’s also vocal layering effects in the song which gives ‘Same Mistakes’ its blusey soulful feel, with rich lower pitched vocals harmonising with the velverty falscetto notes in the chorus.

A video is about to be released for ‘Same Mistakes’, with a storyline sticking tightly to the story told in the track; full of wonderfully acted moments between a troubled couple, the vibrancy of a glowing city at night-time, and magestic pieces of dancing, the clip is a must watch when it comes out.

Seramic is in the middle of a UK and European tour with delightful mellow acoustic duo Bear’s Den – the tour is taking place amongst a number of huge UK cities, and will also entertain fans in Belgium and the Netherlands. Latitude, and the final Secret Garden Party are amongst the festivals Seramic has announced they will be appearing at.

‘Same Mistakes’ is available to listen to on YouTube at the link at the bottom of this page. In addition to this, you can listen to the rest of Seramic’s tracks on his Spotify artist page here.

The Bay Rays image is from the band’s Twitter page.

Lewis Capaldi image is from the singer’s Twitter page.

Picture of Seramic is a still taken from the DistillerTV Youtube page.

Featured image taken from Brightonsfinest website.



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