A perk of doing what I do is getting to interview up-coming groups; the other day I interviewed Marsicans and it was a delight to talk to the band about music and other wonderful wacky topics. This time round, I spoke to indie-rock-pop group TAMSYN; based in Manchester, their biggest song to date is ‘Things Change’ and roughly six months ago they released a video to the track and put it out on YouTube. It cheekily echos the video fellow Mancunians The 1975 released to song ‘Girls’ a few years back, and despite ‘Things Change’ and ‘Girls’ being two very different but infectiously good songs, there are hints of its melody in TAMSYN’s track. The guys are also well-known for reaching the final of annual competition Soundwaves – it aims to find the best unsigned bands in the Northern Half of England, and Scotland, and finalists receive the honour of performing live at an O2 Academy venue – you can find out more details about the compeition here.


1) In 20 words or less, can you describe the sound of TAMSYN?

We have a bright breezy indie sound. We’re a fresh take on vintage styles. You can hear influences from as far back as the Smiths and the Cure and more recent bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Libertines.

2) Can each of you briefly describe yourselves, and the role you have in the band?

We have Alex as lead vocalist, Phil on lead guitar, Michael on rhythm and Joel on drums (and backing vocals).

3) How did you all meet and ultimately form TAMSYN?

We all moved to Manchester for the music scene and our love of the bands the city has produced. Phil and Joel had met at uni and Michael then met Joel whilst working at a bar in town. The three of us started jamming together. After we had a collection of songs we felt could go somewhere we put an ad out for a singer and as fate would have it found Alex.

4) What is your favourite song off your debut EP?

Funnily enough, it’s a song that nearly didn’t even make it on the EP, Things Change. It really came alive during recording and resonates most with us about the era we’re currently living in and about the future of the band as well as things change for us, hopefully for the best!

5) How did you as a band react when you finally released your debut EP?

We were very pleased with the finished EP. There had been a lot of hard work put in before making it so we were incredibly proud of how it turned out. We felt we’d done the songs justice and had something that really represents what we’re about and where we’re hoping to go. The reaction we’ve had as well has been fantastic and we can’t wait to crack on with the next one.

6) Well done on reaching the final of Soundwaves last year! How did you find that experience?

Thank you! It was a fantastic experience. Over 500 acts applied so to make the final 10 was a great achievement. Also playing on the big stage at the O2 Academy in Leeds to a packed out crowd was unforgettable!

7) Have you experienced any setbacks as a band, and how did you overcome them?

We played a gig in York last year. It was a particularly difficult gig for us to get to driving from Manchester in rush hour but we made it only for the microphone to cut out completely during the first song. There was nothing we could do and we didn’t want to let the crowd down so we carried on playing with Alex just going into the crowd and Michael and Phil bellowing the songs as loud as they could at the audience. People appreciated us not letting it affect us and we still had a great night.

8) What would be the dream venue for the band to play at?

We would love to play the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury one day. Also Reading and Leeds Festival would be a special one as it’s the festival we went to most as teenagers.

10) What are each member’s favourite album, television show, and film?

There’s so many here. Alex’s favourite album is OK Computer by Radiohead. Michael after much deliberation will say Arctic Monkeys ‘Whatever People Say I Am,’ Joel might go for any number of Smiths albums. As for TV shows and films, we all love Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

11) Finally, would you like to tell the readers of my blog when you next expect to have new music out for your growing fan base to check out?
We will be recording the first half of our second EP this April with a view to finishing it later in the summer. Our next release though will be our next single ‘Want You To Care’ accompanied with a new video in May.


TAMSYN have an eye for making humorous music videos which are tongue n cheek, so I am expecting a lot from their next video for ‘Want You To Care’, but for now you can watch ‘Things Change’ on YouTube. TAMSYN also have a Facebook page, and whilst you can check out all their latest touring information and news on there, TAMSYN’s debut EP can be listened to on Spotify. There’s four songs on there in total, and if you like bands in the vein of The 1975, Clean Cut Kid, and generally chilled mellow acousitc singer songwriters such as Ben Howard and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, then you’ll definitely end up falling for TAMSYN.


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