FRESH NEW MUSIC – Vigilantes / What A Shame

If you feel like you recognise the Vigilantes name, you probably do – I have mentioned the native Lincolnshire band in several past features on my blog, and recently they supported upcoming indie band The Sherlocks (who are currently in the middle of a sold-out nationwide tour), at Peterborough. Now, following on from one of the band’s biggest live sets to date, they have released latest single ‘What A Shame’ today (3rd March).

Clocking in at 2:39, ‘What A Shame’ may be short, but the track achieves a lot in under three minutes – striking guitar rhythms, a snappy captivating chorus, and a clear meaning in song capturing the youthful feeling of feeling a lack of a true sense of belonging amongst friends. Its dreamy indie flavour is irresistible; delicious licks of guitar, and strong passionate vocals make ‘What A Shame’ an anthem for people who feel the world has been unfair to them. It is the sort of upbeat, buoyant indie tune which would not look out of place on The Hyve.

Other songs to look out for by Vigilantes include ‘Rather Be You Instead’ and ‘Fairweather Friends’, both of them you can find on the band’s Spotify artist page. For now, you can listen to ‘What A Shame’ right here, and immerse yourself in a band bound to grow their fan base with every new song they release.


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