BAND FEATURE – Bands to look out for in 2017: The Jevs!

At the end of 2016, I reviewed a couple of groups who I indicated would be bands to keep an eye out on in the next year. The bands in question were Feverist and Thelma Ball, and both reviews are available to read on the website to this day. I’ve decided to carry on this feature into the New Year, as there are so many amazing small and yet-to-become established groups around waiting for a break, including next band, duo The Jevs.

The Jevs are currently the name identical twins Zac and Alfie are playing under – the former is the duo’s lead singer, guitar & piano player, whilst the latter member also provides harmonisation backing to vocals, whilst predominantly being the group’s drummer. It is hard to say for sure when The Jevs first formed as the twins have been creating music in some form for the majority of their lives; Zac and Alfie, both alone and with others, have been performing for around four/five years officially, but a serious committment to a career in music was made last year, when both made a bold decision to turn down university offers, to pursue their musical dreams.

The ‘vibe’ which has indistinctively moulded the sound they are producing bounces energetically from both alternative rock and indie genres, a hallmark reflected in Alfie and Zac’s choices for their favourite bands and singers, a list which includes the likes of Liam Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Whilst The Jevs are clearly comfortable and experience performers in their current guise as a duo, they intend to expand their musical project to new band members within the next 12 months. In addition to this ambition, like many other bands I have interviewed, the twins hope to play as many live shows under their belts as they can, including festivals on the traditional summer festival circuit.

The Jevs are very socially media savvy, and it has helped them develop their fan base. Since the days a fresh faced pre-fame teenager Justin Bieber first tackled YouTube with covers, performing songs already made famous has become a sure-fire way to gain fans, and the duo regularly post acoustic covers up on their Facebook page. Their covers cross a wide range of genres from Arctic Monkeys to Bieber, and their most recent cover showed their twist on Amy Winehouse’s now instantly recognisable cover of ‘Valerie’. In addition to this, the band also have their own SoundCloud account, and have so far uploaded three songs within the past couple of months: ‘Call Me’, ‘Not Today’, and ‘Good for You’. Admittedly, on first appearance, I presumed the band fell within the genre of pop with their boyband good looks, but the duo actually make very credible indie-infused tracks.

Whilst their other uploaded songs are solid efforts that offer delicious slices of alternative grooves, by far the standout track they have released (at the time of writing) is latest cut ‘Good for You’ – a lamenting indie ballad describing entrapment in uncertain waters inside mind games with a love interest, despite a brimming self-awareness that they are indeed, good for the protagonist. The lyricism is deep and bursting with meaning, despite the more resolute and relaxed vibe with the song; it has a satisfying mixture of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys influence. Whilst the song will probably not shake your world from first listen, it is enjoyable from the get-go and is certainly a grower. With every release The Jevs are putting out, the quality of the song is improving tenfold each time, so their future releases are likely to top the material which they have already unveiled.

You can listen to this and both past and future content The Jevs are sure to upload, on their SoundCloud page, with the link for this below. In addition to a SoundCloud, the duo are also on Facebook and Twitter, and you can help raise their social media game even more by giving the twins a follow on each!


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