First (very late) post of 2017!

Hello 2017! So far this year has already been a significant improvement on the last, and I am almost ready to go with writing up more new personal and music features. I’ve been tied down with revision for three exams over the last couple of weeks, so because of that my blog has understandably taken a bit of a back seat for now. All good (bad) things come to an end however – my final exam is today and once I’ve finished I’ll be straight back to doing what I love most, my writing.

I have a couple of ideas already for features in the upcoming weeks, but I’m not going to spill any details about those just yet. I also received the extremely exciting news that I have been accepted into the team of writers for the news and review blog website The Indiependent! Not to be confused with broadsheet newspaper, the Independent. Whilst I am eager to begin writing music and other features for the website, I will still be giving my own blog lots of love, and I will be writing posts for both alongside each other. I’ll be back with an actual feature very soon! 


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