BAND FEATURE – Bands to look out for in 2017: Thelma Ball!

Last week, in the first of a set of features, homing in on the bands you should be checking out next year, I focused on Feverist  – this time the radar will be pointed at Thelma Ball!

Rather than me telling you how the band formed, and the names of members, I will let Thelma Ball tell you themselves! Keep reading for a summary of their latest EP Self Help a little bit later on.

What role does each of you contribute in the band?

Jamie hits his drum kit, Monte gets blood all over his guitar, Liam plays his bass and I (Michael) pretend everything is going to be okay. When we do it all at the same time it works nicely.

How did Thelma Ball start?

I used to write songs and play in a different band when I was younger but I wouldn’t sing my own vocal parts, partly because I wasn’t crazy about my own voice. After that band, I wrote a bunch of new songs with the specific aim of performing them on my own with my electric, it made me feel like Jeff Buckley which was positive. The band became a logical move because the songs were asking for it and I think we’re all going to live happily ever after.

What makes Thelma Ball stand out from the rest of the indie/punk scene at the moment?

Of course, the best way to make a judgment is to listen to us. I’d say that my favourite thing to get right in a song is to capture the ‘grey area’. This is the place where people live their lives happily unhappy and it is a breeding ground for stagnation. If that’s relatable in any way then hopefully we can give something to you. We’re not very interested in shiny things and we like pairing dark with fun and weird with classic.

Have you got any upcoming releases or live dates planned for next year?

Yes, we do! We’re playing at The Good Ship in Kilburn on the 14th January with The Rah’s from Edinburgh which is bound to be tremendous fun for all so come and see us for yourself. We’re playing at The Spice of Life in March too, look out for more shows this year, we love new faces.

Thelma Ball has helped to establish their position as a band to look out for, with the release of debut EP Self Help in 2015, and the single lifted from the EP ‘Confused’ this year. Self Help is a collective of three sharp and energetic indie heaven, and is a very impressive debut from the lads – it is less than eight minutes in its length, but in those eight minutes an exciting taste of what is yet to come is teased by the band. Thelma Ball has a real vintage feel about them, with guitar rhythms reminding you of the Britpop and punk sounds which first emerged in the 1990s. All three songs are stand-out tracks, and any of them could have been selected for its own individual release, the standard is so high. If you would (and should) like to check out Self Help, it is available to stream on streaming platforms, including Spotify. The band also have their own Facebook page, which contains news and other reviews of Thelma Ball, again illustrating the impact they are having on the current music scene.


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