BAND FEATURE – Bands to look out for in 2017 – Feverist!

You know you’re a band with a great future ahead of you when you have helped contribute written music for Netflix transmissions of Peaky Blinders (sidenote: if you want a gritty, high-octane British drama which packs a punch, look no further than this show!) and toured with Eagles of Death Metal. Feverist has been going in one form or another for a while, but have been playing under their current guise since their encounter with the Peaky Blinders. The band currently are made up of five members – Callum, Daisy, Dan, John, and Josh. The main collaborators within the group are Dan (vocals, keys, and songwriting), and Josh (guitar), and making up the rest of the team when bringing the music altogether is Daisy (vocals and drums), Callum (bassist), and John (production duties and guitar contributions). In addition to supporting Eagles of Death Metal, the band has also provided support for The Libertines at Nottingham, which coincidently was a concert I almost went to myself.

Aside from latest single ‘Writ on Water’ – more about this later on – and the release of the song ‘Criminal Mastermind’ accompanied by a video on YouTube last year, the band has been busy in the studio for the majority of 2016 and their time together, writing, recording and preparing their first EP release, which is scheduled for the next month or two. Feverist hope that beyond the release, they will have a number of concert and festival appearances under their belt, so that this time next year, they will have had live performance experience in addition to both an album and subsequent tour ready to go!

‘Writ on Water’ is a piano based track, and gets underway with a haunting keys melody , setting the tone of the song. Dan’s vocals have an element of raspiness to them – a vocal effect singers long for due to adding an emotional and soulful edge to vocals – and the style of his voice thus echoes the sentiment and mood the piano conveys in the beginning of the song. Several key changes occur at various parts in ‘Writ on Water’; a minute and a half in there is a layering effect of lower and higher vocal parts sung simultaneously, and before the end the projection of the main vocals projects over the vocals and instruments, and just like Ezra’s calls at the conclusion of Vampire Weekend’s 2013 track ‘Hannah Hunt’, the effect works well. You can listen to  ‘Writ on Water’ now, as well as ‘Criminal Mastermind’ and bonus track ‘Build A House’.

(All credit of pictures goes to Feverist Instagram account)


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