What to look out for in 2017!

Let’s be honest, 2016 will go down as a significantly cultural and memorable year, for reasons which are blatantly obvious. In a few weeks, (because let’s be honest, anything could happen in this whirlwind of a year) I am planning to write up a review and give my take on the events of the last 12 months, but for now here’s a guide of what to look forward to in the upcoming year:


A variety of both headliners and support groups who I have seen live have been listed as names to look out for by several music magazines. Before moving on to newer faces, established bands who have achieved success in 2016 look certain to have a bumper 2017! Blossoms achieved a Number 1 album with their self-titled debut and will embark on another long UK tour in March/April next year. Two Door Cinema Club had completely reinvented their sound with latest album Gameshow, and their tour next year sold out very swiftly. Although not my personal cup of tea, The XX created a lot of hype and excitement with the release of comeback tune ‘Hold On’, and they too are hitting the road early 2017. There are apparently new albums to look out for from Gorillaz and Arctic Monkeys but I won’t get my hopes up until there is new music released from both camps. As you all will have heard by now, The Maccabees are to split up by the summer of 2017, but it would not surprise me if the lads bowed out with some new music in addition to their farewell shows.

Two musicians/bands who I have followed particularly closely this year, and seen live, are CABBAGE and Declan McKenna. Nominated amongst 13 other names for BBC’s Sound of 2017 is an incredible achievement for any band, but even more so considering neither have actually released an album yet! Both are due to release their debuts next year. Just a few days ago, Sundara Karma released new track ‘Happy Family’, a bittersweet but delightful track which has made me even more excited for their album scheduled for release in the first week of January. The Amazons and The Sherlocks are two newer bands which I tip for success come the next year.


Whilst it seemed films were grossing more financial receipts than ever, probably due to the ridiculous prices at Odeon Cinemas (almost £10 for a student ticket is shocking!), the rise in profits didn’t equate to a rise in quality. Blockbusters such as Suicide Squad, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Alice Through the Looking Glass were universally panned by viewers and critics alike. Fortunately, some critically acclaimed and anticipated movies are hitting UK cinemas in the next year.

A film which is predicted to sweep the board at next February’s Acadamy Awards is coming to UK cinemas soon – La La Land has helped to revigorate the struggling musical genre on the big screen, and stars the elegant and winning combination of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Dunkirk has a great storyline, a great director, and a great assemble cast, so there is a lot riding on this film! I saw just the other day a trailer for the next installment of Vin Diesel’s XxX series, and I can barely wait to see the Return of Xander Cage! Other films which are ones to watch out for in 2017 include Episode 8 of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Disney’s real life reimagining of their 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast.

Other Things to Look Forward To

I do not watch music television; I have never been a box set person, but I have become engrossed with Poldark; a TV show based on the stories of the wartime hero set in the late 18th Century, its third series is due to air in Spring 2017. My family, with millions of other global television viewers, are looking forward to the seventh, yes seventh, series of Game of Thrones!

In truth, despite all the scary, unpredictable events which will happen next year, 2017 will offer many reasons for people to smile. All the time there are advances in medicine, and those once terrifying low survival rates for illnesses such as cancer will continue to increase in the next year. Hey, Trump will be ruling America and making some shocking decisions, but life will continue: sporting competitions, music, films, and the compassion human beings show one another in the face of adversity and disaster will not cease, and will only strengthen once 2017 is reached.


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