GIG REVIEW: Pierce the Veil, Creeper and letlive @ Rock City, Nottingham!

I have a broad range of music taste; my iPod goes from breezy indie classics to grime music, to pop punk bordering on screamo; I feel it’s important to embrace and discover as many music genres as possible. Pierce the Veil is a band that certainly fall into the latter genre. The American group have a strong following in the UK, thanks to being favourites of music publications including Kerrang and Rock Sound. After a number of successful albums which even led to mainstream chart success in America, Pierce the Veil released Misadventures in the spring of this year, and I was excited to listen to their new and old songs live for the first time!

The Supports

First up in terms of support acts was Creeper – my friend was especially enthralled to see this band, as she reckoned that they had a bright future ahead of them. I was taken aback by not only how class they were live, but also the amount of songs the crowd knew; limited awareness of support acts is common at gigs, but it’s clear that Creeper has developed a strong fan base already! It was pleasant to watch a set list not dominated by consistently heavy songs all the time, as there was a well-rounded mixture of stripped back material as well, and arguably Creeper shined the brightest when they performed their chilled back, more emotional songs.

letlive, who followed on from Creeper, was more like the image of a Pierce the Veil support act I had conjured up before the show. This did not mean I enjoyed it any less than Creeper’s set; I sensed the core elements of every pop punk band, with fast paced but honest and gritty lyricism laced under heavy, brash guitars and drums. I don’t think there was a more brutally truthful, but at the same time humourous song than ‘Fuck Donald Trump’; a track right at the end of letlive’s set, it naturally delighted the youthful crowd who clearly disliked the Presidential-elect! The lead singer of the band was lovely, and he gave some heartwarming monologues throughout the duration of their set.


Quality of Vocals and Instruments

Vic Fuentes, who is the lead vocalist of the punk band, may not have felt 100% with the lengthy tour finally taking its toll on his vocals and health, but judging from his live vocals none of us would have ever known there were health issues if he hadn’t had told us at the beginning of the concert! Illness did not hold back Vic performing his songs with conviction and tremendous vocal skills. The instruments, played by Tony Perry (lead guitar), Jamie Preciado (bass guitar), and Mike Fuentes (drums) were also executed well throughout the concert, and for a band who have powerful songs it was essential that vocals nor instruments were lacklustre.

Energy and Interaction with the Crowd

My friend, who has seen Pierce the Veil before their latest Rock City show, personally thought the band interacted with the crowd more on prior occasions – I was still impressed by the regularity of crowd recognition. During one of their songs the lads invited a girl, crushed and overwhelmed by a boisterous crowd, up onto the stage and the moment genuinely made her life: it was an endearing gesture from the band. Speaking of the crowd, the highly energetic set frenzied the audience up and I experienced crowd-surfing for the first time in my gigging career, well under the weight of crowd surfers! There was so much excitement and anticipation from Pierce the Veil all the way through, and it was cool that they brought back people from the support acts to join them for certain songs too.

The Set Itself

As I’ve found to be pretty standard now, Pierce the Veil included new material from Misadventures, but also found time for their older songs; I had not listened to the punk group for a while so I was delighted when they performed ‘Bulls in the Bronx’ and returned to do an encore with ‘King for a Day’. The full set list is below:

I feel genuinely lucky I have not had to review a terribly produced or unorganised concert yet; Pierce the Veil was genuinely enjoyable despite them being out of my regular music taste, and I discovered two new great bands through Creeper and letlive as an extra bonus.

Goodbye 2016, you’ve been pretty fun for gigs.


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