My fantasy gig list for 2017!

This year I’ve had the chance to see more music live than ever; I’ve been fortunate enough to see bands including Sundara Karma and Busted, with other acts I’ve seen reviewed live on my blog. I hope to make 2017 a jam-packed year for concerts once again, and here are the bands I would like to see live:

  • The Stone Roses – from their new era they have provided the public with two brilliant songs so far, and I’d love to see them perform these and their classics at either Wembley or Leeds.
  • The Maccabees – one of my favourite groups ever, the lads announced a few months ago they would be splitting up, but before we say goodbye to them forever, they are performing a handful of farewell gigs. Frankly, I’ll be gutted if I don’t see them live at least once.
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen – I had tickets to see the Welsh rockers twice; twice I was unable to go (I couldn’t miss the final of Eurovision, it was one of the best competitions this year ever as an added bonus!) Third time lucky?
  • The Sherlocks – I really have grown recently to like this band; they have released an assortment of great songs in the past few months, and I want to say I have seen them live before they get massive!
  • Glass Animals – Same reason as above.
  • All Time Low – A couple of years ago I went to their arena tour and was seriously impressed by how excellent they performed – next year they are touring in smaller venues and I feel this is my calling to see them again.
  • A summer festival – Whether it’s Leeds/Reading, Y Not or Glastonbury, a weekend festival is the only thing I need to tick off my list and summer 2017 I hope will be my time to finally go to one!
    • If the festival happens to be Radio One’s Big Weekend, even better! I went in 2015 and it’s a personal favourite because there is an Introducing stage giving uncovered bands the chance to shine, an incredible atmosphere, and best of all tickets are free!
  • Morrissey – If he ever performs again in the UK. Which doesn’t look hopeful.

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