GIG REVIEW: Alter Bridge @ Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham!

My blog won’t just feature posts and live reviews from myself (Georgia!); every so often, to increase the amounts of bands featured and to promote as many as possible, I’ve got a few friends who will also be contributing 🙂 My gig buddy Matt recently saw Alter Bridge at Nottingham, and below is his take on the concert!

Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Philips are the members of hard rock/heavy metal band Alter Bridge; formed in 2004 from Orlando, Florida. Since the band’s formation, they have gone on to release several studio albums. Their debut album One Day Remains features one of the band’s most popular tracks titled ‘Metalingus’, which was used by former WWE superstar Edge as his entrance theme in 2004, up until his retirement in 2011. So with the release of their latest album The Last Hero, along came the announcement that Alter Bridge would be embarking on a new UK arena tour, supported by Volbeat, Gojira and Like A Storm. This is not the first time I had seen the band perform live, as they brought their previous Fortress album tour to the same venue in 2013, back when Capital FM were the sponsors, along with support acts Shinedown and Halestorm. I was very familiar with both of these bands at the time and very pleased with the choice of support acts!

The Support Acts

I can’t comment too much on the performance of the support acts this time round, as I was unfortunate enough to miss the first act Like A Storm, whose set was the shortest of the night, consisting of just 30 minutes’ worth of songs. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the 2nd support band of the night, having listened to some of their material previously and concluding that they were not a band I would see primarily by choice. I just felt that some of their songs were a bit on the heavy side and I would not be able to enjoy them as much. This had proven to not be the case on the night of the concert though, as I thoroughly appreciated the performances of each of the support bands I had experienced live once again. Of the two support bands that I had seen, my favourite of the night was Danish heavy metal band Volbeat. I had really managed to get myself hyped up for their set, despite only being introduced to their music just days before. The band revealed during their live set that their music was influenced by Johnny Cash, proceeding to cover the song Ring of Fire, which managed to gain them a lot more crowd interaction!

The Main Act

On the 27th November (frontman Myles Kennedy’s 47th birthday), Alter Bridge took to the stage to perform a combination of songs from their latest album The Last Hero as well as classics that their fans are so very familiar with! It’s a shame for me to say that despite the powerful performance by the band, interactivity from the crowd appeared to be lacking throughout their entire set. This was, in fact, even noticeable throughout some of their more popular songs. It seemed that the crowd was just lacking that energy that you would expect to see from such a highly anticipated concert, with little movement and at times, no response when asked to sing along.

One of the songs featured on the band’s previous album Fortress saw guitarist Mark Tremonti take the role of lead vocals, which was very interesting to experience live, as he has since moved on to work on his solo project Tremonti. When paired with the acoustic live performance of Watch Over You by Myles Kennedy, this made for a unique experience with some pleasant surprises for the dedicated fans! The acoustic performance of the song was a nice addition to the set, as this was one of the highlights in terms of crowd interaction and really brings out the emotion. Watch Over You is one of the softer songs on the album, but definitely deserves its place.

The full set list for the show is as follows:

  1. The Writing on the Wall
  2. Come to Life
  3. Farther Than the Sun
  4. Addicted to Pain
  5. Ghost of Days Gone By
  6. Cry of Achilles
  7. Island of Fools
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. Waters Rising (Mark Tremonti on Lead Vocals)
  10. Crows on a Wire
  11. Watch Over You (Played by Myles on Acoustic Guitar)
  12. Isolation
  13. Blackbird
  14. Metalingus
  15. Open Your Eyes


  1. Show Me a Leader
  2. Rise Today





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