BAND FEATURE – Fabulous and funky, here is an introduction to FLIIIS!

Who are FLIIIS and what are they all about?

FLIIIS sprang to life from the remains of a former indie collective – the duo is made up of Daniel and Jarrad, and both are active and engaged in sharing instrumental and productive responsibilities with their music; you could say the duo has a healthy DIY approach towards their creativity!

What kind of genre is their music?

The boys have not stuck exclusively to one genre, rather picking out the best parts of a range of genres and mixing them together in their music. Whilst other websites and reviewers have described FLIIIS as a fusion of indie and electronic, on the guys’ own Facebook page they describe their sound as ‘art-pop’! Personally, I find their lyricism and vocals lay in the indie regions, but the music itself and instrumental carries an exciting and tangy dance electronica vibe.

Have the band released any singles/EPs/LPs yet?

FLIIIS have their own Spotify page featuring four single releases all from this year, highlighting the motivation and commitment Daniel and Jarrad have inputted into the duo the short time FLIIIS has been around for. Their latest release, Conversations, was unleashed in September of this year and includes tracks Conversations and Work It Out. You can check out the duo’s latest material at the below link, but before you do that I have a few words to say about each song!

Conversations is such an infectious track; the song is extremely groovy containing dreamy indie vocals and guitar riffs, with a sprinkle of extra funk as well! As an extra bonus the production on the track is at a very high standard  – sometimes smaller and unsigned groups have a limited amount of time and finance, and as a consequence unfortunately production can sound rushed and distorted, but there are no such issues on Conversations! Smooth and slick Work It Out follows – on one hand its vibe provides a blast to the past of 1990s and 2000s R&B, but still the track remains inexplicabily indie at its core! You can listen to these two songs, as well as the band’s other releases on Spotify, on the below links:

FLIIIS Spotify Page

When and where can I catch FLIIIS live?

In the last few months the duo have played a number of shows, supporting and headlining, in the Stoke and Manchester regions. As far as I am aware, they have not announced their own headlining tour just yet, but expect more shows soon!

FLIIIS have a number of social media accounts:

FLIIIS Twitter Account

FLIIIS Facebook Page


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