BAND FEATURE – Three Day Weekend

This blog is all about supporting and showing love for new emerging bands in the music scene – one such rising name is Preston based group Three Day Weekend. The bunch of talented lads who make up the group are Tom Kellock who is in charge of lead vocals & guitar, Liam Reilly who backs up vocals & also plays bass, Rhys Eccles on the rhythm guitar & who also supports vocals, and last but not least Adam Chapman who plays the drums. It would be an understatement to say that the band had a hectic summer – as well as fitting in big shows including a date at The Blue Anchor in Stockport – they spend endless hours recording and fine-tuning their first EP. Finally, after serious graft and sweat ‘n’ tears, they revealed Oh Well to the world at a massive launch show at The Adelphi in their home town!

The Oh Well EP contains three neat and polished tracks on it – the leading song takes its name from the EP’s title, Oh Well. It provides a gentle introduction to the EP, which increases the intensity of instuments and vocals slightly towards the middle of the EP. The first few seconds portrays the barest bones of the group, as Tom’s singing is quietly accompanied by a smooth guitar backing and I think this direction of the song works really well! Eventually the bass and drums pick up the song’s pace, and it packs quite the punch. A repeated element of the song is the phrase “Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal” , striking words underlying one of the clear message the song aims to deliver to listeners.

Three Day Weekend – Oh Well

Second track Dreams is the most animated and buoyant song of the lot – perhaps its due to its positive vibe describing dreams and visions people have; some of these I am pretty certain were inspired by the dreams which the lads share. I feel that based on the quality of the Oh Well EP alone, one day the lads will be “rock ‘n’ roll stars”, and on the “cover of magazines”, like they hope for in the lyrics of their song!

Three Day Weekend – Dreams

The EP is short and sweet, and finale track Nothing opens with a hauntingly blusey beautiful guitar solo, and this melody carries the song throughout the remainder of its duration. The sombre tone of the song reflects the mood of the lyricism well, describing uncertainty in a relationship where the protagonist is weighing up when, and if his lover really cares for him. Catchy relatable lyrics, reafirmming the feeling of confusion and insecurity spewed by the relationship in the track include “I’m sick and tired of meeting your demands, when we walk the streets together we’re not walking hand in hand”, and the chorus “Every time we fall out, I know it means absolutely nothing to you”. Such a touching and emotional song rounds off the EP perfectly.

Three Day Weekend – Nothing

All links to all tracks on Oh Well are included below the descriptions of each song, as well as a link to the entirity of the EP at the end of this feature! I would highly recommend listening to Three Day Weekend, as their extensive hard work has paid off and produced a smashing first EP!three-day-weekend1

Link to the whole Oh Well EP!


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