Best Songs of 2016 so far…from up and coming acts!

2016 has been an incredibly strong year for emerging bands! Through various channels such as Spotify and The Hyve I’ve stumbled upon amazing songs and they deserve the success some of them have unfairly missed out on! I’m positive the acts I’m about to mention are bound for success in the next coming weeks and months👍🏻 If any of these bands/singers actually released their songs in 2015, woops! I checked release dates beforehand on YouTube etc, and I’ve also wrote this on the basis that I found the songs this year👌🏻
Here are the tracks which I rate from up and coming singers/bands this year: (by the way, the name of the band/singer is listed, then the song name)🎤 
The Academic / Mixtape 2003

The Hunna / We Could Be, You & Me

The Night Cafe / Together

The Sherlocks / Last Night

High Tyde / Speak

Declan McKenna / Bethlehem, Isombard 

DMA’S / Delete

Glass Animals / Season 2 Episode 3, Youth, Life Itself

Sundara Karma / A Young Understanding, She Said

Beach Baby / U R (this is from last year I believe but picked up popularity and got a music video this year)

Mint / Elise (these guys are extra amazing because they are representing my birth place, big up Grimsby!)

Clean Cut Kid / We Used to be in Love


Rat Boy / Get Over It

Blossoms / Getaway (so technically they’re quite big now with a No1 album but I had to include them – I found them when they were slightly less popular!)

… And Boys That Sing / Viola Beach. This is genuinely my favourite track of 2016; from the first listen I was astounded by the talent this band had, but sadly two days after I discovered them, they passed away in a car accident, along with their manager. RIP Lads❤️

So check out these songs on Spotify/YouTube today!✨


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