The 10 Best Albums Ever Made!* (*may be 100% based on personal opinion).

As an avid music listener, over the years I have listened to countless genres, yet only a select elite group of albums stick out in my mind enough for me to name off the top of my head as my favourite albums, or records that hold special meaning for me. The best thing about music though is that there are no right or wrong answers – people can justify why any song or album ever made, in their opinion, rocks their world.

Here’s the plan: I am going to post the ten albums that are my all time favourites, and I want you lovely readers to say whether you agree or disagree with my list, and/or tell me which albums are incredible to you and give me your reasons! I want to share with you the music which has paved me through the good and bad times in my life, and has triggered a multitude of wonderful emotions in me, and in return I want to know what music has does the same to you!

1. The Smiths – The Sound of The Smiths (best of album) / Hatful of Hollow.

2. Tame Impala – Currents.

3. The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

4. The 1975 – The 1975

5. Vampire Weekend – Contra.

6. Oasis – Definitely Maybe.

7. Michael Jackson – Off the Wall.

8. The Maccabees – Colour it In.

9. The Vaccines – What Did you Expect from the Vaccines?

10. Katy B – On a Mission

There are many other albums I cherish, but these ten stand above the rest in my eyes! So what do you think of my list? Who would you take away, who would you add, who do you like or would you have a completely different list altogether?


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