An introduction…

I’m Georgia, and I’m a psychology student (if you’re also a psychology student or just a general psychology nerd you may have guessed that from the title of my blog haha). I’m about to start my second year of study at the University of Lincoln, and it’s a truly amazing place to study at, and I’m not just saying it as a student ambassador. 😉
My university experience has been a little different from the norm so far…for most, university is a chance to move far away from home and experience the first exciting steps of adult independence. I on the other hand purposely picked Lincoln to study at due to its location; I lived at home and travelled in every day for the first year, and I plan to do the same for my second year! It’s not that I’m scared to leave home or I’m not ready to, but I made this decision to save costs and leave university in as minimal amount of debt as possible, so I sacrificed moving away for now for those reasons. I really want to study down south for my postgraduate in a couple of years time.👌🏻📚

So this kind of sums up what my blog is about really:

  • The pros and cons of choosing to live at home; for example I’ll talk about how sticking by public transport times is a nightmare, but it’s given me more time to spend with my family which is an important aspect for me! And you honestly don’t miss out on all the uni fun as you may think!😉
  • At times regretting the decision I made due to missing out on university life, but at the same time how it’s made me more independent than you may think!
  • What it’s like to be a Psychology student, and my journey from second year to hopefully achieving my 2:1 degree and moving onto a Masters, this time involving me moving away from Lincolnshire.😌

As time and posts goes on I’ll reveal more about myself, but another love of my life apart from university is music! That explains the second part of my blog title – I have a number of concerts coming up and I will be posting photos from the gigs alongside reviews of them as well. My dream career would be to work in the music industry somehow, and I’ve held onto hope that one day my music reviews will be noticed.😌

So buckle in, and enjoy the journey of the next few months/years of my life with me!


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